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(Sticky!) Friends Only

friends only.
About 50% of this nonsense is friends only.
If you add me, I will most likely add you back.
DON'T promote idiotic rating communities here. If you need to validate yourself over the internet, then you're probably pathetic.
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grand revamp & return

So...after New Years I am taking a break from online gaming and making my grand return to the internet. This means that I will be making a whole new layout, and revamping my friendslist. will also be completed and be released to the public. Icon journal *may* be coming back depending on how things go. My muse seems to have returned. :]

please, do me a favor, and comment if you would like to stay on my list. if you do not comment, i will delete you...even if i know you. i'm completely starting over. :P

hope to see you all soon. :]

on another note, i spent 200$ on beatmania IIDX 12th style Happy Sky and the controller and crap so that I can play it. :o
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also. if any of you are wondering where the fuck i have been on aim, i haven't really been...on.

i do have msn though, and i am always signed in.

so. you should add me.

kk ty.
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(no subject)

holy shit. i opened my viola case this morning because i have to bring it to school, and half of the bow hairs were hanging off of it. not exaggerating. o_o
thank god i opened it before class, eh?
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lol @ school.
Ugh. Yeah, um...the joys of waking up at 5:30 to take a shower and get ready are oh so apparent this morning. I hope there are like ~*hot babes*~ in my classes or something. I doubt it, but hey. I hope this year is easy and unstressful.