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so i've been engulfed in some lulz by focus on the family...

and i found some interesting gems from their teen girl magazine's advice column:

Dear Susie:
I was on the Internet today and read some of your other “Dear Susie articles.” You said that wearing jeans isn’t a sin. I disagree with that. I like wearing pants, but I wear them only when I’m doing an activity that requires it.

I don’t think girls should look like boys, though some people will say just because a girl wears pants doesn’t make her look like a boy. The pants made for girls today are tight and show so much figure that it can be dangerous. I don’t want to offend anyone by this e-mail, and I have nothing against you, Susie. I just disagree.
Frustrated With Susie

Dear Susie:
It’s my first year in high school, and we have lots of dances. I’ve been exposed to a form of dancing known as “grinding.” My parents don’t agree with it, but all my Christian friends and their parents don’t seem to think it’s that big of a deal.

I’d love to know what you think. I have very mixed feelings on the topic and can’t decide for myself.

Dear Confused:
OK. I’ll be blunt.

Rubbing against each other’s body parts in intimate dancing is wrong.

There’s absolutely nothing in grinding that glorifies God. And it does promote sexual intimacy outside of marriage.

Nuff said.
Dear Susie:
This past year, my friends and I turned 17. One of the first things they wanted to do was to see an R-rated movie. They didn't even bother inviting me because they knew I wouldn't watch it.

I have very strong moral convictions, and it breaks my heart that my Christian friends don't even realize what they're getting themselves into. This pattern keeps continuing, with my Christian friends seeing tons of movies that Plugged In gives awful reviews to. I want to say something, but I'm not sure how. Is there any way to confront them about it nicely, or is all I can do pray?


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Dude, I am realllly glad I check at 3 am. Apparently the show I was going to tomorrow is postponed until Sept. 28. BECAUSE THAT'S NOT LIKE, LAST MINUTE OR ANYTHING. >:O
FUX U PARAMORE. (I was going to see Hit the Lights and Cute Is What We Aim For...I hate Paramore. XD)

On a lighter note, my cat seems to be ok, which is good.
I also actually purchased HeadOn....and :o
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Omg, I feel so bad. I was watching tv in my living room and I was in our recliner-chair, and I went to go back, and one of my cats was in there! She's wicked paranoid atm and her left back paw is bleeding a little between two of her.."toes". I don't know wtf to do. D:
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Haha, this is so weird. I haven't used XP in such a long time, I keep forgetting where crap is. Now it's off to play all the stupid online MMORPGs that I can't on OSX. :D
Maplestory, anyone?